German Book Prize 2006: judges nominate the novels for the longlist

The judges have now decided on their first narrowed down choice of authors for the German Book Prize 2006. “We have made a selection that does not exclude what might be expected and may be obvious for the sake of a false addiction to originality, but nevertheless shows a willingness to take risks – and so in the end, takes account of the different types of writing in contemporary German literature”, says the judges’ spokes-man Volker Hage. “I am particularly pleased that the list includes names that are probably not yet familiar to the public”. Over the past five months, the seven judges have looked at a total of 120 titles published between 1 October 2005 and 12 September 2006.

The novels nominated for the long list (in alphabetical order of authors):

• Ludwig Fels: Reise zum Mittelpunkt des Herzens (Jung und Jung, March 2006)

• Daniel Glattauer: Gut gegen Nordwind (Deuticke, August 2006)

• Wolf Haas: Das Wetter vor 15 Jahren (Hoffmann und Campe, September 2006)

• Katharina Hacker: Die Habenichtse (Suhrkamp, March 2006)

• Thomas Hettche: Woraus wir gemacht sind (Kiepenheuer & Witsch, August 2006)

• Paulus Hochgatterer: Die Süße des Lebens (Deuticke, August 2006)

• Felicitas Hoppe: Johanna (S. Fischer, August 2006)

• Thomas Hürlimann: Vierzig Rosen (Ammann Verlag, August 2006)

• Martin Kluger: Die Gehilfin (DuMont, March 2006)

• Judith Kuckart: Kaiserstraße (DuMont, March 2006)

• Sibylle Lewitscharoff: Consummatus (DVA, February 2006)

• Steffen Popp: Ohrenberg oder der Weg dorthin (kookbooks, March 2006)

• Bernd Schroeder: Hau (Hanser, August 2006)

• Ingo Schulze: Neue Leben (Berlin Verlag, October 2005)

• Peter Stamm: An einem Tag wie diesem (S. Fischer, July 2006)

• Saša Stanišic: Wie der Soldat das Grammofon repariert (Luchterhand,    September 2006)

• Heinrich Steinfest: Ein dickes Fell (Piper, February 2006)

• Ilija Trojanow: Der Weltensammler (Hanser, March 2006)

• Martin Walser: Angstblüte (Rowohlt, July 2006)

• Feridun Zaimoglu: Leyla (Kiepenheuer & Witsch, February 2006)

• Matthias Zschokke: Maurice mit Huhn (Ammann Verlag, February 2006)

“We have read our way through a mountain of novels and also asked for more titles besides those nominated by the publishing companies as we did not want to rely blindly on those pre-choices”, emphasises Hage. “In selecting the 21 novels, we then argued at length and with patience. There were no fixed blocs among the judges, with most of the disputed titles producing shifting coalitions of supporters and sceptics.” Apart from Hage (Der Spiegel), the judges for the German Book Prize 2006 are: John von Düffel (author), Elmar Krekeler (Die Welt), Terézia Mora (author), Pia Reinacher (critic), Stephan Samtleben (Buchhandlung Samtleben) and Denis Scheck (Deutschlandfunk).

In the next phase, the judges will nominate six titles from the long list for the short list which is due for publication on 12 September 2006. It is not until the evening of the prize presentation that the six authors find out which of them has won the German Book Prize. The winner receives prize money of 25,000 euros; the other five finalists receive 2,500 euros each. The Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels presents the Ger-man Book Prize 2006 to the year’s best German-language novel. Its partners are Florian and Gabriele Langenscheidt, SPIEGEL-Verlag, the Frankfurt Book Fair and Frankfurt am Main’s city authorities. Deutsche Welle supports the German Book Prize primarily with media activities in other countries. The prize presentation ceremony will take place on 2 October 2006 in the Kaisersaal at Frankfurt’s Römer in the immediate run-up to the Frankfurt Book Fair.



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