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Melinda Nadj Abonji wins the German Book Prize 2010 for her novel “Tauben fliegen auf“
Börsenverein awards the year's best German-language novel / Prize presentation in Frankfurt's Römer attended by 400 guests  More


Display of works featuring over 160 titles – German Book Prize 2010 at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Look, pick up, dip in: the German Book Prize 2010 comes live to the Frankfurt Book Fair. The German Publishers & Booksellers Association – Börsenverein – and the Frankfurt Book Fair present a display of the works of the 20 authors whose latest novels were nominated for this year's German Book Prize.  More


Judges nominate six novels for the shortlist
The panel of judges has made its decision and the six finalists for the German Book Prize 2010 are now known. “We spent a whole day discussing the candidates for our shortlist. We didn't always agree, but that's par for the course. We are pleased that we can now present six remarkable finalists, six very different literary voices: poetic, funny, experimental. They are novels whose common ground is above all their reference to the context of the wider world”, says Julia Encke, literary critic with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, speaking on behalf of the judges.  More


Judges nominate 20 novels
148 titles up for selection / Shortlist to be announced on 8 September / Extracts from longlist novels available at   More


Literary blind dates with the 20 favourites
Bookshops and the Goethe-Institut are organising blind date readings for the German Book Prize 2010 / Event venues include Leipzig, Munich, Athens, Stockholm and Budapest  More


Publishers submit 135 novels
84 publishing companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland take part / Julia Encke is the judges' spokesperson / Prize ceremony on 4 October in the Kaisersaal at the Frankfurt Römer  More


The new judges have been chosen
German Book Prize Academy appoints Jobst-Ulrich Brand, Julia Encke, Thomas Geiger, Ulrich Greiner, Burkhard Müller, Ulrike Sander and Cornelia Zetzsche / Publishers can submit titles / Award announcement at  More


Kathrin Schmidt receives the German Book Prize 2009 for her novel "Du stirbst nicht"
Börsenverein awards the year's best German-language novel / Prize ceremony in Frankfurt's Römer in the presence of 400 guests  More


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