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Longlist 2019

Longlist 2019

The jury for the German Book Prize 2019 has chosen 20 novels for the longlist. Since the call for submissions went out, the seven members of the jury have reviewed 203 titles published – or yet to be published – between October 2018 and 17 September 2019, when the shortlist will be announced.

Jury spokesman Jörg Magenau (independent literary critic) released the following statement: “For the jury, the selection process was an enriching and stimulating discussion about contemporary German-language literature. The longlist that emerged from this shared adventure in reading reflects the diversity of material and stylistic wealth of this year’s new literary releases. It includes social analyses and historical research, paranoia and fantasy, and wishes and global exploration, from California to the German provinces all the way to the Caucasus. We were particularly pleased that there were so many successful debuts to discover, which we are happy to pass on. We see no reason to worry about the future of reading and writing.”

The nominated novels (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Nora Bossong, Schutzzone (Suhrkamp, September 2019)
  • Jan Peter Bremer, Der junge Doktorand (Berlin Verlag, September 2019)
  • Raphaela Edelbauer, Das flüssige Land (Klett-Cotta, August 2019)
  • Andrea Grill, Cherubino (Paul Zsolnay, July 2019)
  • Karen Köhler, Miroloi (Carl Hanser, August 2019)
  • Miku Sophie Kühmel, Kintsugi (S. Fischer, August 2019)
  • Angela Lehner, Vater unser (Hanser Berlin, February 2019)
  • Emanuel Maeß, Gelenke des Lichts (Wallstein, February 2019)
  • Alexander Osang, Die Leben der Elena Silber (S. Fischer, August 2019)
  • Katerina Poladjan, Hier sind Löwen (S. Fischer, June 2019)
  • Lola Randl, Der Große Garten (Matthes & Seitz Berlin, March 2019)
  • Tonio Schachinger, Nicht wie ihr (Kremayr & Scheriau, September 2019)
  • Norbert Scheuer, Winterbienen (C.H.Beck, July 2019)
  • Eva Schmidt, Die untalentierte Lügnerin (Jung und Jung, March 2019)
  • Saša Stanišić, Herkunft (Luchterhand, March 2019)
  • Marlene Streeruwitz, Flammenwand. (S. Fischer, May 2019)
  • Jackie Thomae, Brüder (Hanser Berlin, August 2019)
  • Ulrich Woelk, Der Sommer meiner Mutter (C.H.Beck, January 2019)
  • Norbert Zähringer, Wo wir waren (Rowohlt, March 2019) 
  • Tom Zürcher, Mobbing Dick (Salis, March 2019)

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