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More submissions and participating publishers than ever before

More submissions and participating publishers than ever before

The German Book Prize 2020 has set a new record: 120 German-language publishers recommended a total of 187 titles to compete for the best German-language novel of the year. That's 13 more titles and 10 more publishers than in the previous record years. Of this year’s publishers, 82 are based in Germany, 20 in Switzerland and 18 in Austria.

Of the titles submitted, 88 are from the publishers’ current spring catalogues, 78 will become available in the autumn and 21 were already published in autumn 2019. Each publisher was allowed to submit a maximum of two titles published (or to be published) between October 2019 and 15 September 2020, when the shortlist will be announced. In addition, they were each allowed to recommend up to five further titles. This year, 96 novels were added to the list of recommendations, from which jurors may request additional titles to compete in the selection process.

The first joint meeting of the jury was held via videoconference. The members of the jury appointed Hanna Engelmeier (research assistant, Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen / Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities) as their speaker. The other members of the jury are: Katharina Borchardt (literature editor, SWR2), David Hugendick (literature editor, Zeit Online), Chris Möller (propagator of literature at Kabeljau & Dorsch), Maria-Christina Piwowarski (“ocelot” bookstore), Felix Stephan (literature editor, Süddeutsche Zeitung) and Denise Zumbrunnen (“Never Stop Reading” bookstore).

Find more information on the German Book Prize here.

The hashtag for the German Book Prize 2020 is #dbp20

A picture of the jury for download
Copyright: privat, Andreas Langfeld, Wolfgang Stahr, Pascal Hüppi, Simone Hawlisch, Jakob Berr, G. Krischker
From the top left to the bottom right: Katharina Borchardt, Hanna Engelmeier, David Hugendick, Chris Möller, Maria-Christina Piwowarski, Felix Stephan, Denise Zumbrunnen

More submissions and participating publishers than ever before



Six books selected as finalists


20 titles nominated


Submissions at an all-time high


Starting signal for publishers


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