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Publishers submit 173 titles

Publishers submit 173 titles

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More than 100 German-language publishers have put their novels in the running for the German Book Prize 2019: 105 publishers submitted a total of 173 titles to compete for the best German-language novel of the year. Of these publishers, 77 are based in Germany, 15 in Austria and 13 in Switzerland.

Of the titles submitted, 84 are from the publishers’ current spring catalogues, 71 will become available in the autumn and 18 were already published in autumn 2018. Each publisher was allowed to propose a maximum of two titles published (or to be published) between October 2018 and 17 September 2019, when the shortlist will be announced. In addition, they could also each recommend up to five additional titles from their own catalogues. This year, the list of recommendations comprises 104 novels. Jurors may request additional titles from amongst these.

During their first joint meeting, the members of the jury appointed the independent literary critic Jörg Magenau as their speaker. The jury also includes: Petra Hartlieb (Hartliebs Bücher bookstore, Vienna), Hauke Hückstädt (Literaturhaus, Frankfurt am Main), Björn Lauer (Hugendubel, Frankfurt), Alf Mentzer (Hessischer Rundfunk), Daniela Strigl (literary scholar) and Margarete von Schwarzkopf (author and literary critic).

Find more information on the German Book Prize here.

The hashtag for the German Book Prize 2019 is #dbp19

Press photo of the jury for download
Copyright: Sascha Erdmann
From left to right: Jörg Magenau, Daniela Strigl, Alf Mentzer, Margarete von Schwarzkopf, Björn Lauer, Petra Hartlieb, Hauke Hückstädt

Publishers submit 173 titles

© Sascha Erdmann



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