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Shortlist 2019

Shortlist 2019


The jury has selected six novels for the shortlist of the German Book Prize 2019:

  • Raphaela Edelbauer, Das flüssige Land (Klett-Cotta, August 2019)
  • Miku Sophie Kühmel, Kintsugi (S. Fischer, August 2019)
  • Tonio Schachinger, Nicht wie ihr (Kremayr & Scheriau, August 2019)
  • Norbert Scheuer, Winterbienen (C.H.Beck, July 2019)
  • Saša Stanišić, Herkunft (Luchterhand, March 2019)
  • Jackie Thomae, Brüder (Hanser Berlin, August 2019)

Regarding this selection, Jörg Magenau (independent literary critic), jury spokesperson for the German Book Prize 2019, says: "The shortlist presents six outstanding finds, six novels that couldn’t be more different formally and stylistically and in terms of tone yet which are united by one great theme: All of them are about family connections, about the place in a global world from which one can understand one’s own existence. They describe, sometimes from a female and sometimes from a male point of view, how male identity in particular has become problematic. Perhaps the generational shift signalled by the three debuts in the final round has something to do with the fact that younger people have a sharper eye for these issues. The jury was united in the pleasure we took in reading these books and in our constructive disagreement. We hope that this will also be the case for all other readers."

Since the submission process began, the seven members of the jury have reviewed 203 titles published between October 2018 and 17 September 2019.

For more information on the novels including the evaluation of the jury see Shortlist.

Press photo and information about the nominated titles for download.

Shortlist 2019





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Saša Stanišić receives German Book Prize 2019 for “Herkunft” (“Origins”)


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