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Six novels in the final round

Six novels in the final round

© Petra Gass / Börsenverein

The finalists have been chosen. The jury has selected six novels for the shortlist of the German Book Prize 2017:

  • Gerhard Falkner: Romeo oder Julia (Berlin Verlag, September 2017)
  • Franzobel: Das Floß der Medusa (Paul Zsolnay, January 2017)
  • Thomas Lehr: Schlafende Sonne (Carl Hanser, August 2017)
  • Robert Menasse: Die Hauptstadt (Suhrkamp, September 2017)
  • Marion Poschmann: Die Kieferninseln (Suhrkamp, September 2017)
  • Sasha Marianna Salzmann: Außer sich (Suhrkamp, September 2017)

“In light of our mortality, we have a duty to think boldly, Imre Kertész once wrote. Bold thinking: that is what all of the shortlisted texts have in common – despite their many thematic and aesthetic differences. What they all share is an awareness that serious literary activity also always means breaking with prevailing systems of speech, thinking and feeling. What unites many of the texts thematically is the question of who ‘we’ are and who ‘we’ want to be – which also brings Europe into the picture. And, after reading the books, there can be no doubt: The idea of Europe is always at stake – today more than ever – and it is up to those of us alive now to act responsibly, which also means acting boldly”, says Katja Gasser (Österreichischer Rundfunk), jury spokesperson for the of the German Book Prize 2017.

Since the submission process began, the seven members of the jury have reviewed 200 titles published between October 2016 and 12 September 2017.

For more information on the novels including a jury commentary see Shortlist

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Six novels in the final round

© Petra Gass / Börsenverein




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Robert Menasse wins the German Book Prize 2017


Six novels in the final round

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