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111 publishers submit 172 novels

111 publishers submit 172 novels

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A total of 172 titles have been entered into the running for the best novel of the year by 111 German-language publishers. Of these publishers, 81 are based in Germany, 10 in Switzerland and 20 in Austria.

Of the titles submitted, 97 are from the current spring programme and another 70 will be released in the autumn; 5 titles were published last autumn. Each publisher was allowed to submit a maximum of two titles that were or will be published between October 2022 and 19 September 2023, when the shortlist will be announced. In addition, they could each recommend up to five further titles. This year, the list of recommendations included 105 novels. The jury may request titles from this list for inclusion in the selection process.

During their first joint meeting, the members of the jury appointed Katharina Teutsch (independent critic) as their speaker. The jury also includes: Shila Behjat (journalist and publicist), Heinz Drügh (Goethe University Frankfurt am Main), Melanie Mühl (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), Lisa Schumacher (bookshop “Steinmetz’sche Buchhandlung”, Offenbach), Florian Valerius (bookshop “Gegenlicht Buchhandlung”, Trier), Matthias Weichelt (Sinn und Form literary journal).

Find more information on the German Book Prize here.

The hashtag for the German Book Prize 2022 is #dbp23

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From left to right: Florian Valerius, Shila Behjat, Lisa Schumacher, Heinz Drügh, Katharina Teutsch, Matthias Weichelt, Melanie Mühl
Copyright: Christof Jakob

111 publishers submit 172 novels

© Christof Jakob


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